Action Games

When we’re talking about the action it’s simple to imagine some chasing, some adventure or some epic battle. The first thing that comes to our mind is movies like The Last Samurai. And just like films are various, the diversity of games impresses too.

Moreover, this type of releases can be divided into subgenres, ‘cause acting can turn out to be totally different, placed in an absolutely unobvious context. So when we choose what to play, what should we expect from Action games more particularly?

Peculiarities of the genre

In fact, the main feature is expressed in the name of the game category. When you say ‘action’ you mean literally anything. This can be making anything with someone or something, and in general – almost anything you can guess under the words ‘do’ or ‘make’.

To make the gameplay more interesting, the activity is placed in some rare circumstances. Or, to make the image absurd and thus more eye-catching, the developers prefer sometime to combine usual things in unusual situations. Like using a hammer to climb or a sticky tape for attacks – it’s strange, so mostly people want to try at least.


It would be right to mention that this type of game is a grab bag. Here we can find really well-done releases with worked out graphics, a complex storyline which has a number of different endings and a mechanic that allows players to interact with the surroundings. But as well, we often find products of a mobile app type. They are simple, designed in 3D with minimum details and they suggest a single main activity to perform: running, fights, passing challenges etc.

There is also a part of games which are some kind of middle between well-developed and simple. You have a number of missions there, but not too various, you can develop your skills, but not too much. And very few of them are really good in fact.