Adventure Games

One of the main human’s fears is to be bored. This can lead to very different consequences, but finally everyone tries to avoid boredom which has you like quaking bog. One of the ways to distract yourself is to play games, and the genre of Adventure has a strong following among boys and girls, men and women.

What adventure games are?

So why do we call the genre like this? Initially this word came from the Latin. There was a word ‘adventurus’ which means ‘be about to happen’. Even the initial meaning was about something exciting, thrilling or emotional to happen, it was giving the feeling of some movement and disturbance in the air. Thus, developed a word we use now, and the feelings provoked by this word are pretty the same. Today the name of the genre means something risky, maybe unexpected or impulsive.

Subsequently the heroes of such games do or are involved in something thrilling that makes us bother.

Numerous storylines…

These plots are based usually on some mystery to unravel, on some danger to avoid and on many brain-teasers to solve. Stories have a traditional ‘set’. For example, if the action takes place in a Middle-Age setting, there are many murders, probably one romantic line, gentle knights and great ladies and never-ending conversations about honour and dignity. But more frequently those are games about the search for treasures. The stories begin often with some secrecy that has suddenly dropped from the skies to our main hero, and here missions come one by one. During the game the main character completes all of them and receives something precious that changes his/her life forever.

So what do you prefer to choose to have an interesting leisure? Do you like single line plots or more sandbox ones? Whatever’s to your liking, nowadays you can please yourself with a great variety of adventures.