Scary Games

Are you ready to feel the fear? This category is great for hardcore horror games fans! Here everyone will pass dozens of tests to be able to call himself a master. These challenges have a cool atmosphere that is full of creepy moments. Test your psyche and reflexes! There are a lot of screamers, red color and creepy characters! Find out how fast you think in stressful situations!

Visit spooky places!

Players will be able to go to the darkest locations to face fear. It won’t be as easy as you might think. Cellars, long corridors, dungeons and labyrinths, which are scary. All this can strain you and lead you astray. Not always the character has a weapon in his hands. For this reason, it is often necessary to simply run without looking back. Can you handle this or give up?

Each of the missions will send you to secret buildings. It can be abandoned gardens, factories or mansions. The entrance is always visible, but the exit is hard to find. Players will have to spend some time with their emotions. The gloomy atmosphere will only make you think that this is a dead end. Don’t give up and keep going until the end of the game!

Dangerous missions!

Players will take on the roles of different characters in these games. You can become a paranormal researcher or an ordinary resident of the city. You can be sent on a secret task to find out the truth about the disappearance of people. Will you get over yourself to find out the truth? Look for clues that will lead you to the answers. Also collect the necessary items, such as notebooks or notes. They may contain phrases that will lead you to a logical explanation.

Very often, monsters live in buildings that can easily attack anyone. Fight them with pistols or bombs! But it’s better to hide and not contact them if you don’t want to lose your life! They all have good hearing and will keep an eye on the main character. So that nothing bad happens, you must always be on the alert. Such challenges are real scary and not suitable for people with a weak psyche.

There are still many murderers and maniacs in the modern world. Here you can check whether you can escape from them. They may meet you at the gas station, at the laundry, or while you are picking up your child from school. Also, the devil can inhabit the souls of those who are still alive. Release them before you run out of strength! Scary tasks can make anyone nervous. But you all must hold out to the end and win this confrontation!