Happy Wheels Games

If you love dark humor, then welcome to Happy Wheels! Here, players can feel a light adrenaline rush and have fun. Go to a location full of obstacles and try to get to the finish line. There is no specific plot in this challenge, so you can just follow your imagination. Imagine that you are the only racer in the world and what will happen if you are gone? Stay alive at least until the level is counted!

Main goals!

The main role will be an elderly man who decided to remember his youth. Once upon a time, he loved speed and was a real racer. Years go by and his authority and merits have long since dried up. But suddenly, grandfather had a crazy idea that will surprise everyone who is here for the first time. In this game, he will be in a wheelchair, which can accelerate at great speeds. So don’t think it will be boring!

The hero is already unwell and it is time for him to go deep underground. But he does not leave hope and wants to regain the title of the main extremal driver. In Happy Wheels, players will control him and try to keep him alive to the last. On the way there will be many obstacles that will slow down the process. Be dexterous and brave to create all the necessary conditions in order to bypass them!

The main goal is to get to the end of the race. Get ready for a lot of brutality. We hope that your psyche is well prepared for this. If you drive too fast, you can lose a wheel along the way, then the second, and then the entire wheelchair. In this case, the character will fall out and his limbs will scatter throughout the location. The game has excellent graphics that will allow you to consider all the details and enjoy it!

In any situation, start over!

Happy Wheels has many different traps that will make you lose. Banana skins will appear at the most inopportune moment and make you slide. In the end, grandfather’s two-wheeled car will fall apart and you will have to try again. What about sharp blades that can pierce tires? Players must be very careful to react in time to danger and taxi to the normal part of the road!

In fact, the more times fans try to complete a level, the more interesting it gets. The point is to experience fear, adrenaline, extreme, fun and many other incompatible emotions! The game also allows you to create your own levels and share it with other users. Take part in a track that was built by your friends or random strangers! Experimenting is always cool, so relax and take in the atmosphere!