Brotato Games

If you love strategy games, then welcome! Here players get to know a wonderful and charming character. This is a potato that can wield about six different types of weapons. Great battles await you where you can show your abilities! Stay focused on the process to achieve the desired results!

Try to survive!

Recently, the population of the planet began to develop very rapidly. Now they have the opportunity to explore outer space. The main character of the game decided to arrange an expedition and boarded a huge ship. In addition to him, there were other of his comrades who had no less desire to conquer the universe.

Suddenly, the transport crashed and the entire crew died. But our hero managed to escape and land on one of the unknown planets. It is from this moment that a cruel adventure begins that will make you nervous every second! This area is inhabited by a huge number of alien creatures.

The monsters will move from all sides, trying to surround Brotato. Players must fight them off with all their might to stay safe and sound. Use a weapon that shoots automatically. All you have to do is point it in the right direction, fight back and show that you are not just a simple vegetable!

Last as long as possible!

Monsters will attack constantly, giving you no time to rest. Brotato must constantly look around and point his weapon at the crowd of enemies. In order to simplify the task, players will be able to enable manual aiming. Unlock new types of pistols, machine guns and more! Each round will last about 30 minutes, but it won’t make you tired. Each wave of the enemy will take from 30 to 90 seconds.

In addition, in the game you have to collect the necessary items and resources. With their help, you can improve the skills and abilities of the character, as well as much more. But be very careful to get out before the attack starts! The faster you do it, the more chances you have to become a winner. Here, a lot depends on how fast the players have a reaction. For this reason, you must always be on the alert and not give up in stressful situations!

Also, before the start of each level, participants have a unique chance. They will be able to specify the desired parameters to make spending time here even more interesting. Choose enemy speed, damage and other important features. This will help you get extra motivation and feel confident! Become Brotato’s mentor and don’t let him down no matter what happens!