Multiplayer Games

When it’s up to entertainment the most interesting thing is how it is shared. After all, it’s only a half of work to make a good marketing campaign. More important is to make people talk about a product that’s going to be released, and for this publishers make many different stuff. But if a game has a possibility to play in cooperative mode, everything becomes much easier automatically.

People begin instantly to communicate with each other, create communities and servers which help them to have pleasure together. And even if not to talk about all the organisational affairs that are provoked by this function, the matter is that Multiplayer gives a totally different experience, which is much more varied than in a single player.

Features of the genre

Multiplayer games can be very different. To begin with the most simple 2D pixel releases and to finish with great products that are cyber-sport disciplines. But there are a number of features that are common for them all. First of all is a possibility to cooperate. Some games are made so that there is no single player at all, like they made it in It Takes Two or Pico Park, others are made equally well for co-op or for the only user; the third ones have a really weak multiplayer which is not comfortable to use or there are much less possibilities than there are offered in a usual mode.

Co-op usually suggests gamers to have a high level of skills in teamwork. And to use these skills, the game makes them defend, get something or reach some point. Thus various maps are created, where they need to defend a tower or flag, or to have battle with each other in order to complete some task.

So when we talk about the games which make people work together in order to reach some point, the first thing we should remember – there’s no ‘I’, there’s only ‘we’.