Poly Bridge Games

Do you want to showcase your creativity? This game has such an opportunity, so go for it! Here the players have to do the construction. It will not be houses, buildings and so on, but something more interesting. You will create structures on which vehicles will move. Follow the plan and do not violate it, otherwise the mission will fail! Can you handle it or do you need help?

Check for strength!

Poly Bridge has four unique maps to help you relax. Here everyone can show their imagination and creativity. Prove to everyone that you can handle even the most difficult task! All locations look beautiful and fascinating from the first seconds. They will have 64 levels, which will make you forget about the present time. You will be able to advance to the next one if you successfully complete the previous one.

This will be clear right away, because if the transport falls down, it will force the players to redo the building. Try to do everything perfectly and for this, calculate the dimensions of the machines. It can be ordinary cars, huge trucks, passenger buses and more. Swipe them from point A to point B without difficulty and restarting the game. It seems like a simple process, but it really isn’t.

Features that will amaze!

Basically, players have complete freedom of action. That is, they are given a certain task and they must complete it. Spend as much time as you need and don’t rush anywhere! The main thing is that the building turned out and met all the requirements. Poly Bridge has all the necessary tools and materials. Use them in the right order and watch every step! This will help to achieve the desired result.

The game also has one limitation, and that is related to the budget. Participants will be able to buy and use only what they have enough money for. To fix this, complete missions with the maximum number of points. This will bring profit, as well as increase your rating. Over time, you will discover new items that will make your work easier. Think about how and where to put the spring correctly so that it saves the structure!

Tasks will be completely different, so sometimes you have to think outside the box. For example, you need to build a springboard through which a motorcycle will pass at high speed. Or a truck with a trailer where too much cargo is stored. All this causes difficulties and such important moments should not be missed. At Poly Bridge, you need to be ready for anything and have ideas!