Hello Neighbor Games

Hello Neighbor is a horror that is endowed with a great storyline. Here players will have to deal with a creepy man and find out all his secrets. The atmosphere is creepy, although there will be no harsh sounds or scrimmers. Real fans will appreciate it as there are also puzzle elements. Dive into this creepy story and end it the right way!

What is he hiding?

The game begins when the main character arrives in a new city. He’s forced to buy a house here and is getting to know all the residents so far. They are all nice and kind, which makes him very happy. But there is one man who is not at all forthcoming.

The other people say he is strange and even have a nickname for him. He always sits in his mansion and doesn’t talk to anyone. His windows have curtains over them, and he only goes out when no one is looking.

The stranger’s yard is not too far from yours. It’s fenced off and not easy to get into, but there was no reason to violate his privacy. But something scary happened! As the main character got ready for bed and fell into his reverie, a commotion began.

Loud noises came straight from the territory of a suspicious man. Someone was screaming and asking tearfully for help. Unfortunately, nothing was visible when you looked out the window. But now it’s up to the players to figure out what’s going on in Hello Neighbor!

Discover the big secret!

To understand what a malcontent who lives nearby is hiding, you have to try hard. Make a decision to get into his house in this game! You need to be very careful not to get into the eyes of the other tenants. Once you get into his territory, fear will overcome you! It is very dark and creepy and you want to hurry back to bed.

But there is no way back, so make your plan a reality! The game will have many unexpected twists and turns, get ready! An unstable person doesn’t welcome guests and will try to mislead you. Be careful not to fall into his trap! The killer is most worried about his basement. In no case you should not get there in his opinion.

But that’s exactly what players in Hello Neighbor need to do! Look for and collect items that will help you do that. Put them in your inventory and use them for the intended purpose to get further away. Here players will take part in three different acts. First, you will take on the role of a child who is imprisoned. In the second act, the participants must get out of there. And in the last one, you will be an adult who has decided to return to his hometown.