Gacha Life Games

How many times have you faced a situation when you like the game, the plot is awesome and the gameplay is beyond comfortable, but the appearance of characters is far from what you want to see? Just for this case are created Gacha Life games.

Gacha Life are games where you are the creator of the world you want to see. The developers followed the concept of the unique style and animation of characters with a great number of options on how to change them. And finally, the studio has released the game styled according to the manner of drawing the Japanese animation, where you select and change everything you want: from the appearance to the story itself. Anime-fans have given this creation a warm reception, because many of them really wanted to change the story of their favourite character, or to create their own personalized one and create a model of the ideal life, for example. The ideas in this direction are innumerable, everything depends on the person and inventivity.

So what possibilities Gacha Life opens?

Everything starts with the creation of a unique character. And here you are to choose body shape, skin color, face, eyes, nose and lips shape, colors of eyes and hair, the hairstyle and many other options. When it’s finished with the creation of initial features, you have to dress up your hero. The game offers many variations of clothes, accessoires, armor and weapons if needed etc.

You can start to play by selecting and giving the direction to your entire story. It means you are the author of the plot, so you can make a mini-film or a visual novel. After you have finished it, you can share your gacha with other players. The community has people with all types of background, so you will definitely find a person to talk to, to discuss your storylines, and maybe you’ll even manage to make some friends.