Henry Stickmin Collection Games

Henry Stickmin Collection is a story about one slashing fellow, who can live even a day without the adventures. With great pleasure he will be involved in any trouble, no matter how dangerous it is. According to his young and active spirit, your mission in the game is to help this boy to take the right decisions and get out of all the troubles.

The first and, perhans, one of the most desirable features is the fact that the game has a decision-based plot. Consequently, in the most crucial moments you will be offered to make a choice, which may change the main story to a completely different way. However, in this case you feel this freedom and independence as a main character. Also no one can predict your actions, and logically no one can spoil the final. Enjoy the funny memes from other participants.

Will his ambitions end up in jail?

The story in Henry Stickmin Collection games starts when a bright idea of robbing the bank comes to the mind of our hero. However, this bank looks like a real fortress, located in the center of the desert, protected by numerous soldiers.

This fact doesn’t frighten our boy. Without any distractions, he arms with different tools and sets off. After a few unsuccessful attempts he gets caught. Now he is in prison and his new plan is to get out of it. Help the boy to escape. Try different scenarios, but in this game the right way is only one. Plan his runaway in detail.

Will you switch to the side of goodfellas?

During the game, one day some government officials notice his talent and offer the boy to help them with some covered organisations. However, we all know that our character respects freedom first, so this time it is your decision to make. Play out all the endings, which Henry Stickmin Collection gives to you and try to imagine the consequences of all your right or wrong choices.