Running Games

When it’s up to thrill, you can find nothing better than Running games. From the first sight they usually resemble something just to kill time while waiting or something. But when you reach some significant score or level, everything begins to turn more and more interesting. New locations, increasing speed that makes you feel dizzy at some point and the heat of personal interest. All this accompanies you when you start the game and plunge into the world of running.


What differs these games from all the other ones? First of all, the main action of the gameplay – you run. Directing your character you should reach some points, gather some items and this will make your character change somehow. Like, for example, releases when you need to keep collecting things to grow your character’s butt of, on the opposite, to make her more slim.

The other task can be to destroy some objects that are placed on your way or near it. Anyway, in case you have such a task – the more you collect, the better your result is. This task can be designed in the opposite way, when you need to avoid touching some things. This makes your route a line with a wide variety of obstacles.

Diversity of stories

These games are quite the same-type, so to make the new release more desirable than the other ones, the developers try to invent the context where the movement takes place. And sometimes you can meet really funny and strange examples of running genres. Imagine, for example, a girl performing a parkour while chasing a man she likes? Or a situation when you play for a sausage that’s threatened to be killed by numerous knives.

This brings dynamic not only to the playthrough process, but to perception of the process too. It makes you feel empathy and provokes other feelings, which makes you highly involved in the process of the game.