Subway Surfers Games

In this game everyone can have a cool time and relax! Here players explore a world full of colors. It will not only cheer you up, but also test your reflexes! Learn the story of the guy who wanted to be a famous artist. Beautiful events, vivid emotions and unforgettable experiences await the participants!

Fascinating plot!

Subway Surfers is a runner that can last indefinitely. The process will go on and on until you get lost. Set your own records and brag about it to your friends! This challenge will tell us about a guy who loves graffiti. He not only admires them, but also draws them. Most of the time he does it near a place where trains are always running.

A lot of people think his talent is worthy and proud of him. But the cops don’t like it at all, you could even say that they hate it. They think it spoils the city and disgraces the landmarks. One of these men is constantly on duty to catch our main character. In this game you will have to witness an escape! Can you handle it?

Obstacle course!

The guy was doing art on the walls of the train station as usual. Suddenly a man in uniform approached him. Now the hero has to run as fast as possible to avoid being caught by the policeman. In Subway Surfers you have to be very dexterous and careful not to screw up. All the way is strewn with different traps that block the way. The player must react in time and press the screen to make a move.

Pull your finger up to jump, down to duck. You can also make left or right movements to make a turn. It sounds very simple in words, but in reality it will be easy to get confused. The process will constantly pick up speed. Develop the skills of concentration and lightning-fast reaction. Every time a character stumbles, an officer or his dog will get closer. Don’t let them catch up to the guy in this game!

Become a master!

Sharp turns, huge blocks, moving trains and more will strengthen your nerves. Collect cool power-ups that will help you score more points. Fly over wires or use super sneakers that will allow you to make a high jump. Players will also have to collect coins, which can then be spent. Buy new skins, improve your skateboard, and more.

In Subway Surfers everyone will get in a good mood and charge for the whole day! Compete with friends who have more points and level! It’ll always be fun and interesting, so join in! Develop new talents and improve old ones. Remember that you can get rid of all limitations! May success be on your side!