Baby In Yellow Games

Baby In Yellow is a simulator that will take you to an ominous atmosphere. Everything seems normal here, but this is only at first glance. The stories will tell about a young family who have a small child. You have to stay with him and spend some time. Will you be able to handle all household chores before your parents arrive? Immerse yourself in the process to become an integral part of the plot!

Get ready to be a babysitter!

In the game, players will visit a huge house with many rooms and corridors. Since the newlyweds are gone, you have a chance to take a good look around. Behind the doors are the usual bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. There is a to-do list on the fridge. These tasks are simple, like getting clothes out of the washing machine. You also have to wash floors and dishes, clean up the guest room and so on.

Do not forget that besides you, there is also a little one in the mansion. It requires constant attention and care. The player needs to have time to complete all the goals and look after the kid. He needs to be fed, watered and diapers changed. He is also very moody, but as soon as you give him a pacifier, he will immediately stop screaming. You will have to do everything possible so that he does not cry and be happy. But will it be easy to do this in Baby In Yellow?

A trick that will drive you crazy!

In fact, the child is not who he claims to be! I wonder if your parents know about this and perhaps set a trap for you? In the game, the character looks pretty creepy and it’s annoying. His actions are very strange and it seems that a demon is sitting inside him. You just put him in the crib, go down the stairs, and he’s there. Many other situations will also make you nervous!

There are legends that in fact this is not an ordinary person, but a seeker of hell. His appearance confirms this, but you have no other choice. Spend just one night with him and stay alive! Baby In Yellow keeps a lot of secrets and maybe you will be able to unravel them! Be careful and explore every room. The little one can watch you and knows every next step!

Players will be able to enjoy this setting and experience the horror. Everything here is designed to make everyone feel like a reality. Collect items and use them for the right purposes. You can also do your own investigation of this unusual case! Find out what this creepy mansion and the story of a child keeps inside! Hold out until the morning and remember that danger is absolutely everywhere in the game!