Drifting Games

This category of games was created for those who love all types of transport. Here you can get driving skills in a regular car, sports car, trolleybus, truck and much more! Bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs will be here too! Those who miss it will miss it a lot! Hurry up and join these fun challenges where speed is a priority!

Relax and enjoy!

In Drifting entertainment, the rules are always simple. Players just need to press the gas pedal and go on an exciting journey. It’s not uncommon for fans to be able to follow the story as it unfolds, which makes it even more fun. Move on to learn all about the past of the characters and build them a happy future. Find out why they became racers and what inspired them!

On the road you need to be very careful, because very often you can meet obstacles. It can be barriers, cones, sharp spikes and so on. If you crash into any of these, then there may be a problem. For example, the tires will burst, or the wheels will fall off. This is a threat to continue the level and you will have to start the game again. For this reason, you need to be very careful!

The controls for each of the Drifting challenges are different. Somewhere players will control the machine with the mouse, somewhere with the keyboard. You can also find those ones where you can do it using the joystick or just the screen. Everyone can choose where he is comfortable and convenient to get excellent results. Participants will also be able to enjoy graphics and sound effects!

Maximum speed!

Fans can get a lot of positive emotions from each trip. But the most important thing is that everyone will experience adrenaline and sometimes even tension. But do not be upset if you did not succeed in doing the trick the first time! You can learn from mistakes and get the desired success in the game.

Go to cool locations where you can ride on picturesque tracks or in the mountains! Get rewards for achievements and expand your collections! In the Drifting category, players can also earn points for winning races. Call your friends or compete with random users! Be careful to overtake opponents and be the first to reach the finish line!

It will be fun, exciting and of course everyone will get new skills. Develop this talent in yourself and do not forget about concentration! Become nimble and react quickly to take the lead in the leaderboard! Learn new movements with the steering wheel and do what you are afraid to repeat in reality!