FNAF Games

This game will clearly tell you about the importance of selectivity in choosing a job.
The main character has an urgent need for money, so he decides to go be employed at the pizzeria as a guard. Everything seems pretty usual before darkness comes and our hero starts working.

What’s the problem?

The particular feature of this pizzeria is that this is a café with the direction of children’s entertainment. So there are many animatronics present to distract them and to make everyone have fun. However, there’s a disorder in the mechanisms. They need for some reason to be always in movement as the owner of this place told. So the dark falls and the guard needs to take care of the place. Robotic creatures are scary and why do they try to get much and much closer to the room?!

Unblocked game of many versions and mods

Five Nights At Freddy’s now is not just a single game – it’s some kind of phenomenon. The studio has created a great number of versions and modifications since 2014 when the first FNAF was released. So as a player you have a large diversity to choose from.
The main moments of setting are always constant: you have to survive during 5 working “days”, you’re the guard at a pizzeria and you work exceptionally when darkness possesses the world. Peculiarities of gameplay change, and that gives a great variety of experience. It doesn’t really matter what mod or part you play – if you like horrors, FNAF games will definitely captivate you.

So, if it’s the first time you’re trying the game, we recommend starting from the beginning. At least, you’ll learn what canonic FNAF means. If you feel a great nostalgia for these and want to refresh your memory, you’re welcome to look at the list and find your favorites there. Make your choice, start and have much pleasure!