Getting Over It Games

Exploring the world is very cool, but it depends in what way. Today, players will learn about an unconventional method that will definitely surprise! In Getting Over It, you will control a character who is sitting in a cauldron. He only has a huge hammer with which he can move around. Nothing more! The main task is to get to the top of the mountain. Do you think you can handle it?

Take your time!

This process will become the most beloved of all possible! There is only one specific goal here, and therefore it must be fulfilled at any cost. The hero is in a large bowl and cannot move independently. In the game you need to be very careful not to make a mistake. It is clear that without them it is impossible to reach the end and they will only suggest the right direction. After you screw up, a new gift will come to you.

These situations will help to build a clear strategy and stick to it. In no case should you rush, because this can lead to a loss. One awkward move and the character will fall down with great speed! Control your every step in order to fulfill your goal! Fans have a huge responsibility, so don’t let us down! In Getting Over It, you need to be observant and focused, and these are not easy skills. Develop it and make sure you are a stress-resistant person!

Practice is the key to success!

At the beginning of the journey, it will seem that the mission is impossible. But this is only at first glance, then everything will be different. Players need to constantly train to become a real master. Throw the ax as far as possible to make a global movement. The game will have many unexpected twists and turns that can lead you astray, but try to keep your balance!

Over time, you will learn to take not only small steps, but also jump, swing, fly, and so on. Experience matters the most, so don’t let yourself get discouraged! Even when it seems that there are a couple of meters left, do not stop motivating yourself! Getting Over It has an incredible reward that sits on top of a mountain. Only the most courageous, dexterous and not nervous will be able to see it!

Being a tourist is not an easy task, especially when there are such restrictions. The hero himself chose how to move around, so just help him! In the game, everyone will be able to test their abilities and not only physical ones. Mental development is also very important, because not everyone can create an ideal plan of action! What will it feel like when you have to start from scratch?