Geometry Dash Games

Geometry Dash is a new challenge that has gained popularity in a short time. Only a lazy person has not tried it yet! Hurry up and start the process to see for yourself why it has received such great acclaim! Here players can enjoy the cool atmosphere and have fun. Despite the fact that some moments will be tense, it will still be fun!

The main tasks and objectives!

The official version of the game has 21 levels that are completely unique. But fortunately fans have come up with a lot of mods so there was no time to get bored. In this category you can try them and choose what you like best. This challenge is great for those who consider themselves to be dexterous and attentive. Check if it’s true or not! It’s important to have a good sense of rhythm to successfully complete all the missions.

Players will control a small sized cube that needs to get to the end point. This task looks too easy, but opinions will change when you start. In Geometry Dash you need to keep a close eye on the road you’re on. Difficulties will arise along the way in the form of obstacles. Hit the screen to make the jump and not to collide! If that happens, you have to start over. Maybe the second attempt will teach you something new!

Controls and graphics!

Amazing cube will move by itself, you just have to keep up with him. It is so fast that anyone can miss its plans. It doesn’t think about consequences and that’s why you’re here! React to obstacles and other traps with lightning speed so you don’t screw up! In the game you’ll visit different locations that will fascinate you with their brilliance. Their appearance is very beautiful and has neon lines that add motivation.

Don’t forget to turn on the sound on your gadget! After all, the main process depends on the music that players will hear. All the movements of the main character create a special rhythm. They will be synchronized with the melody in Geometry Dash! The number of tracks is really huge, so you have time to perform all of them! This is a fascinating activity for those who love to be a leader!

Start with training levels to memorize all the rules. Even though they are few, they are still very important for passing the game. Over time, participants will be able to try their forces in more difficult modes. There are only a few, but enough to get tired! Only true daredevils will be able to complete missions with demonic difficulty! It is divided into 5 parts and requires special concentration!