Wobbly Life Games

In the Wobbly Life you can build an ideal life from which you will be crazy! Here players will visit a colorful world based on physics. Visit different places on the map to find your favorites! The challenge gives you the opportunity to go to work, have fun with new friends, replenish your wardrobe and more. Immerse yourself in this atmosphere of happiness and enjoy it!

The universe is full of surprises!

It all starts with the fact that you find yourself on a beautiful island. You can spend several hours here and not even notice it. The vast territory gives a good choice of what you can do here. Choose activities that will help you discover new talents and liberate yourself.

In the game you will become truly happy thanks to bright graphics and delightful music. Explore each location to understand what it is. You can visit parks, shopping centers, hairdressers and much more. All this is a great opportunity to have a great time!

In order to make it easier for participants to move around, they can use transport. Wobbly Life has a huge selection so you can go deep into it. Ride cars, skateboards, roller skates, bikes and the like! It will not be so difficult to master driving skills, because the rules are too simple. You can even arrange races with your comrades to see who is faster! Take part in multiplayer mode to make the process even more interesting!

Other entertainment to cheer you up!

Start building your own dream home in this game! You can choose the area where it will be located. After that, come up with a repair plan and feel like a designer. Players will be able to furnish it, add decorations, and even create a swimming pool. In addition, in the backyard you can put a dance floor for parties. Come up with a holiday in honor of which you will arrange it!

Customize the character as you like to make it unique. Come up with a trendy hairstyle and a brilliant image! Experiment to find the perfect fit! For all this, you will need money, so find a decent job. Complete unique tasks in mini games that will bring profit. It will be very exciting and therefore you will not even realize that you are going to work.

You can also collect artifacts for your own museum! Look for treasures on maps to unlock cool rewards! Visit a pet store where you can find a faithful companion. There is a huge selection of pets that will make you even more cheerful! Embark on great adventures with them and enjoy your moments in Wobbly Life!