Garten Of Banban Games

Everyone who loves to be in suspense is welcome to the game! Here, players will learn one of the secrets of the sinister kindergarten for children. You have to go to a possible crime scene and investigate it! Are you ready to face the most terrible events? Every second, a dangerous event can occur that will turn the whole course of events upside down!

Planned disappearance?

Garten Of Banban is a place where there are always a lot of little ones. Parents are crazy about their kids having a good time and learning new things. But one day a terrible event happened here that turned everything upside down.

Suddenly, everyone who was on the territory disappeared without a trace. No one was able to figure it out and find out the real reason why this happened. The main character decided to take the initiative into his own hands and went for answers. He will have a difficult fate and not the fact that he will survive!

The atmosphere in the game will be very creepy and therefore not everyone can cope with their emotions. Even real professionals will worry and be afraid! You have to explore every corner to find evidence that something is wrong here.

Despite the fact that all the rooms are made in a colorful style and were created for children, they are distrustful. Strange noise and the presence of someone else here will not allow you to complete tasks normally!

Talismans that are too dangerous!

Garten Of Banban is famous for having several creatures that amuse children. They are huge and constantly sing songs or dance. But no one even knew that they were real monsters and ready to kill everyone! As long as you are in the building, they will follow your every move. Be careful not to meet them or fall into their trap!

Players will have to be constantly on the alert to control the whole process. In addition, you have to solve tricky puzzles. They will be of different complexity and in the end it will seem to you that it is impossible to cope with this. Just concentrate and think twice before making decisions! Also in the game you need to look for valuable resources and items that will help in the future.

Pay attention to the little things because they may contain important information. Do not lose your mind and common sense while you solve this creepy case! Fraud will be everywhere so don’t get confused by false testimony! At Garten Of Banban, everyone can go crazy if they relax! Find out the whole truth that will cut you to the bone!