Pony Games

This category contains the best games where you can take care of little horses. Basically, these challenges are suitable for children, but teenagers and adults will also be interested. Here everyone can relax and get great pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere with bright graphics. Look at your favorite characters that are known all over the world and spend some time with them! What do you most want to do with them?

Your four-legged friend must be happy!

Players have many options for what they can do. For example, if you want to show love, then adopt one of the animals and give it to him! Feed the pony delicious food that is in the refrigerator or cook something yourself. Go for walks along the streets of the city and explore various locations. In addition, you can meet other characters and become best friends. Visit and take part in mini challenges!

There are also many games where players can create a unique little horse. A huge selection of settings will allow you to get the desired result. Experiment and try different coat colors, long tails, facial features and more. In addition, you can add magical wings or colorful horns! After that, you can add accessories like wigs, stylish clothes, and even hoof shoes! Show your imagination and be creative to get awesome heroes!

Visit worlds and complete levels!

Very often, players will have to go on secret missions. There they will be waiting for a lot of different situations through which you need to go. Some of them can be dangerous, so do your best to keep the pony out of trouble! Be careful and always on the lookout so as not to fall into the trap and start the process all over again. Thus, you can look at the known universes from a different angle.

You may have seen them in cartoons or comics, but now there is a unique chance to get there in a different role! Who is your favorite character? Do you want to control him and chat with his friends? In these games, participants will be able to visit excellent locations and meet all the characters they dreamed of seeing in reality! Run, jump, ride and more!

Become a part of this exciting journey and show your best! Go through all the dangers and get to the exit, while collecting various coins and stars. Get points to unlock new features, pony and complete unique collections! In addition, you can take part in a quiz where you will answer questions. They are about a famous TV series, so you should know the answers.