Yandere Simulator Games

In the Yandere Simulator players will control a girl who studies in the worst classes. She has a rare disease that allows her to have two personalities at once. Dealing with this character is very difficult, but it adds interest. At one moment she can be happy, but after a couple of minutes she is angry. Today you have to delve into her life and become a witness to difficult events!

Senpai will be yours!

The girl is in love with one of the school’s handsome men. But he is so popular that he hardly notices her. He communicates with other students and devotes his time to them. Every week the guy has a new choice for you to destroy! This can be done in a variety of ways, including even dangerous ones. In the game, you can lower your competitor’s rating in order to get kicked out of school.

In addition, players can come up with another plan for revenge. Meet the characters who also go to school. But be careful, because not all of them are ready to become your friends. Some will follow the main character and take provocative photos. If you go too far in Yandere Simulator, they will give this information to the police. Spread rumors about your opponents, do dirty tricks and even kill!

In this case, you need to do everything too carefully. Get rid of unnecessary witnesses and find a secluded place! This is the easiest, but most dangerous way to get rid of a rival! Don’t forget to remove all traces of the crime so you don’t get caught. Use a bucket, a mop, a rag and the necessary tools.

Make sure that there are no fingerprints or other nuances anywhere! In the game, the player can also burn the body so that there is definitely no evidence of your guilt!

Lead a normal life!

Don’t forget that in Yandere Simulator, participants must first and foremost be exemplary students. This is an elite institution and there is no place for ill-mannered and uneducated people. You have to plunge into the school atmosphere and be a teenager. As always at this age, it is very important to be an authority. Everyone looks at the actions, so you can’t be suspected of something.

Keep an eye on the rating of the character so that he does not fall down. As soon as you notice this, take immediate action! To improve this, the girl must communicate with other heroes. Have sweet conversations, give compliments, and treat you to treats. This will add a few points and you will again become a normal teenager. In the game you have to make the craziest decisions!