Dumb Ways To Die Games

Dumb Ways To Die is a challenge that makes even the most gloomy person hang out! Here, players will be able to laugh at the most stupid situations that can only exist. Relax and plunge into the bright sir, where you need a quick reaction! Let’s go to cool locations and solve several hundred puzzles!

The beans are back!

The game begins with the participants seeing that the character has arrived on the platform. As soon as he gets out of the train car, an extreme adventure will begin! Each new level is unique, so you definitely won’t get bored. All events are completely unrealistic and this is unlikely to happen in ordinary life.

The main characters will fight with fate to win in the next round. Players must complete exciting and interesting tasks to keep Bob alive. In Dumb Ways To Die, you have to use your logic and strategy. Check how fast you can think and decide what to do next. The future of the character depends on each decision.

In this game, you will dive into the depths of the ocean to avoid a whale or a shark. Draw a strip of mayonnaise along the contour of a delicious hot dog! Visit the washing machine, pour the required amount of liquid and much more! If something goes wrong, the process will end. Be careful and concentrate, because there are only three attempts.

Discover new places!

As long as you keep saving these wonderful little heroes, then collect coins. With their help in the game, players can visit cool locations that were not there before. This will add even more motivation and incentive to complete the entire mission. How many times in a row do you think you can successfully complete the level? You should not even hope for luck!

Also buy cool and awesome character decorations! This will make the process more interesting and brighter, which will bring a smile to everyone’s face! In Dumb Ways To Die, fans will enjoy an amazing tune. It will be remembered forever and you will even sing it in your sleep. Challenge your friends or relatives and become a leader or a master!

There is little time, just a few seconds, but you will get a lot of emotions. Be careful to find a way out of a difficult and stressful situation! Traps and obstacles are very dangerous and will cost the heroes their lives. So be nimble and lightning fast to deal with it! Interact with objects and places! Tap, swipe, cut, drag, pop, shake and more! Only in this way the participants will be able to overcome everything on the way!