Baldi’s Basics Games

Baldi’s Basics is a strange challenge that has several genres at once. Here, players can enjoy the creepy atmosphere and get scared. But there will also be funny moments that will put a smile on everyone’s face. This is an ingenious plot that will keep you falling behind until the end. Try to complete all the tasks from the creepy teacher and additional missions!

Collect all notebooks!

School ended and everyone went home. But your friend forgot some materials there and asked you to come back for them. Arriving at the building, you realized that you would not get out. Although there is one chance, it is too terrible!

There is nowhere to run, so you have to do what they say. There is an old professor at the school who devoted his whole life to his work. He locked the doors and posted guards in the form of monsters. In the game you have to be very careful to save all the lives!

The teacher will ask you tricky questions with mathematical elements. These can be equations with roots, fractions, percentages, and more. Also, these tasks can make you think logically or even intuitively.

In Baldi’s Basics, players must answer correctly in order to escape to freedom. Get the keys for the right answers, and if you make a mistake, you better run! This creature hates when someone does not know what he knows. You’ve already been left after school, how much worse?

Explore the building in different mods!

Visit each of the classrooms where there may be notebooks. In the game, participants can find additional items that may be useful. Remember all the information to understand how to use them correctly. Perhaps some of them will help convince the monster’s friends to let you go. Come up with a good plan or even a strategy to get everything done perfectly!

Also in Baldi’s Basics there are several mods that will distract you from the main plot. For example, in one of them you have to solve problems as soon as possible. Each of your correct answers will slow down the movements of the creepy teacher. Thus, he will not be able to catch up with you, and you will run away during this time.

Also, participants can try the endless mode! Here you have the opportunity to find an unlimited number of books. Try as long as possible not to catch the eye of a psycho! This task is not easy, but you can set a cool record. Compete with your comrades to find out who among you is the bravest. Start searching for a game that will swallow you up like a black hole!