Friday Night Funkin Games

Just a year ago Friday Night Funkin games became famous and they are still gaining their popularity among music fans. New tendencies in songwriting and the vibe of some dancing competitions inspired developers to create this wonderful game. It became an immediate hit worldwide. Consequently, more and more regimes and modes have appeared, and new updates are still coming. So, if you would like to experience some cool competitions, you should definitely try Friday Night Funkin.

What is the game’s plot?

Your character is a young active boy, who wants to spend time with his beloved Girlfriend. Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy, so you’re going to face plenty of obstacles. There are many people such as the girl’s father and other antagonists, who would like you to end your relationships. The good news that you’re now an easy nut to crack, and you are going to fight for your love. Of course, it’s not going to be some street fight. In this game you meet your opponents in a real dancing battle where they will check your sense of rhythm as well as reaction.

Develop your character from level to level

To impress your Girlfriend and compete with all the opponents you will need to develop the dancing skills of your character. Every time the level of difficulty will increase, so don’t waste your time, and start training from the beginning.

How to play?

The rules on Friday Night Funkin are easy to follow. During the game, on the screen of your pc or mobile you will see 4 kinds of arrows. All you need is to press the right button on your keyboard and try not to lose any movement. Don’t be late, otherwise you’ll need to start all over again. If you’re completing the story mods you are going to see 7 parts, divided in week. They contain different dancing styles and rivals. Try some easy regimes to train your skills and reflexes.