Kick The Buddy Games

A lot of people suffer from stress and don’t know how to deal with it. Kick The Buddy is a great solution to this problem! All you need is your aggression and the time you’re willing to put into it. Here everyone can relax and get rid of negative emotions. Release all your anger and forget about it! If the tide of bad thoughts comes back, you will already know what to do!

Break it all down!

When your nerves are on edge, you want to yell at someone. Breaking down is always a bad thing and first and foremost for you. Avoid conflicts or asking why you are acting this way! Very often there are days when it is impossible to breathe calmly. A remark from the boss at work, children throwing tantrums, or just not getting anything done. Even a dropped spoon can drive you crazy! In this game, everyone can blow off steam and get back to normal life!

Players will visit a field with a rag doll. This is the main character in Kick The Buddy, who will help you. He is ready to take all the punches just to relieve and improve your condition. He will tolerate anything you come up with! Surely your imagination and creativity can do a lot, so show it off! Don’t be afraid to hurt the toy, because that is the main task. A beautiful background and graphics will really calm you down a bit! Come back here every time you feel bad at heart!

The ways of striking!

The game has a fairly huge selection of items that you can use. But first, master the simplest one to understand how it works. Take your gun and start shooting. Watch the bullets fly out and go straight into the doll’s head! Isn’t that nice? Throw it in different directions and count the new scratches, abrasions, or injuries. The hero might even lose a limb from your power, but that’s okay!

In Kick The Buddy players will control the whole process with the mouse. Just click or pull to do something incredible. Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine different tools or weapons. You can blow up the poor guy with explosives! Try freezing him and then smash him like a block of ice in winter! Throw rockets, bombs, grenades or even nukes at him!

See what comes out of it and add more punishment! Don’t forget to introduce the person you want to make fun of the most! He will never know that you are capable of such things with him. But it will be very enjoyable and exciting for you! Forget about anger once and for all thanks to this game! Don’t stop until you feel calm and peaceful! Use all power to achieve the desired result!