Games for Boys Games

We often hear people saying that men and women are from different planets. And this is true, as sometimes we cannot reach mutual understanding even though we have similar opinions about a thing.

The same is about games. There are many different stereotypes: that visual novels, romantics, dress-up categories etc. are for girls and that shooters, adventures, strategies etc. are for boys. Of course there are many cases that deny those opinions, but initially that’s it. Girls are really more interested in choosing outfits and watching something about feelings, and men, particularly when young, are far more preoccupied with battles, fantasies and competitions. Stereotypes are based on what nature has instilled into us.

Anyway, games for boys have a great variety of genres, topics to discuss in the plot, style diversity and finally – fun to have.

There’s a great possibility to choose

As well as it’s known, there are several criteria men need to be present in the game: a strong epic hero, a great system of upgrading skills and a constant chance to have a competition. The other criteria are more subjective or optional. So here we are to play car racing, a shooter based on the zombie apocalypse (or in another setting), survival horror and many other games.

But if you think, for boys are games with only action and battle gameplay – you’re terribly wrong. Take, for example, Oxygen Not Included – there’s no competition as we’re used to seeing it. There’s a need to use your inventiveness to survive, get creative to end up with all the tasks successfully. And it’s just one of numerous examples.

So choose what you like, be free to alternate from something calming to something bringing action and have tons of joy!