Purble Place Games

Purble Place is a place you don’t want to leave! All the challenges here are great for kids. If you didn’t know how to focus their attention, then welcome. This fun will be your favorite because of some special features! The process is simple and has puzzle elements. For this reason, the little ones will not only be able to cheer themselves up with this, but also benefit from it.

Dive into the cool universe!

Here, players can take part in three different games. They are all bright, with beautiful graphics and pleasant melodies. That’s what improves brain activity and helps you think. Get enough motivation to pass all levels successfully. What will you choose first? Each of the сhallenges develops different qualities and abilities in the players. So you can train your eyesight, memory, attention, quick reaction and more.

Test your coordination and deductive skills!

The first Purble Place сhallenge to develop memory and pattern recognition. There will be a huge number of clover quadrants on the field. Click on them to flip them over and see the picture. Among these tiles there are two identical pictures that need to be found and connected. Thus they will disappear from the territory and in the end you win.

Here you have to be very careful not to miss! Use your brain to remember the location of the right artwork. Without too much movement try to find the same one! In the second game players have to bake a cake. You will go to the factory, where you will notice many different components. At the top left of the screen will be shown an already finished result, which you need to repeat. Mix the ingredients correctly to get the desired work of culinary art!

Don’t forget to sprinkle with the right sprinkles or powdered sugar! You can’t make any mistakes here, because you’ll end up with the usual product translation. If you make three mistakes, the process will end and you will have to start again. The last Purble Place сhallenge is a fascinating puzzle to solve. Here, participants will go to the closet, where they will be waiting for a funny character.

He has an important event coming up and he needs your help. He chose his clothes, but is embarrassed to show up in case you do not like it. Understand what image the character has chosen and click on the necessary things. On the left will be a large closet, inside which are accessories, shoes, clothes and other things. Enjoy all the games!