Papa’s Games

Here are collected all the games about the famous chef. You will witness various events that will delight you. Visit cool locations where there will be a beautiful view from the kitchen. Become a master in this business and earn the status of “best restaurant in the world”! Here everyone can try their hand at different categories. Discover new talents and be surprised what you are capable of!

Complete tasks!

Papa’s challenges have a different plot every time. Players will not have time to get bored as they are sent on a new mission. You have to save money for a ticket to another country or a ticket to an amusement park. There will be other goals for which you will need to work hard. The main thing is to have the patience to cope with a large flow of customers! In addition, the players will need a quick reaction, dexterity and a good memory!

These qualities will help you quickly fulfill orders and not get confused. Remember what visitors are asking you for and do not confuse. Their desires are connected with the cafe in which you are currently working. If you burn with desire, then everything can be learned! Also, some of the guests will be too impatient, so hurry up! All games are completely unique and it is difficult to single out one. Try yourself in different areas of service!

Discover new places!

You will often help Papa’s business. Each time players will be able to try to learn new skills. Thus, players will be able to cook fast food or pastries. Take the right ingredients to create a burger. Make sure that the products do not burn, otherwise you will have to spend more time. Every second counts so don’t screw up! Use different forms for cupcakes, add toppings or fruits.

Don’t forget to add a cherry to complete the culinary masterpiece! Visit an island where you can make pizza or ice cream. Customers will be very happy when they know that you are adding cream or jam! Participants will receive tips for fast order fulfillment. Spend them on improving restaurants to create coziness and comfort! Take part in events that will bring rewards or prizes in the game!

This chance doesn’t happen often, but you can compete for the title of the best chef. Learn new recipes and become a pro! Almost forgot one of the important features! Before starting, players can choose a character to be controlled. Repeat the image of a celebrity or yourself! In Papa’s сhallenges, you can unlock cool and trendy skins to cheer you up!