Stumble Guys Games

Now you don’t have to have a gun in your hand to get the win! In these сhallenges, players plunge into a world where rivalry is in the air. Stumble Guys is a new and cool way to prove to everyone that you are a leader. Visit the colorful locations and have fun! You can also have a hearty laugh while watching your own and other people’s characters. The rules are the same for everyone, so the most nimble will get the prize!

Race against the clock!

A few selections will pass before the decisive round begins. Approximately 32 players can participate in this game. Multiplayer mode is a great way to be together with friends. All team members want to win, but there will only be one winner! You have to try hard to get the important title! All participants will stand at the start and wait for the special signal.

After that, everyone must start moving. Do it very quickly to be able to overtake all opponents. In the case of a fall, you can start the process anew. But because of this the player will fall behind the others, which will worsen the situation. If you are one of the first to cross the finish line, you will get to the next level in Stumble Guys.

Get through all the hurdles!

You have to make an effort to get to the end point. Throughout the game, players will have to be very attentive and dexterous. There will be a huge number of traps that can make you fall down. The blocks are in the air, so a wrong jump can cause you to lose. Become vulnerable and don’t get caught by sharp spikes or spinning saws. There are other obstacles for participants, such as ropes. In any case, all these dangers must be passed slowly.

Besides, don’t forget that nobody canceled cheating in Stumble Guys. Always be on your guard, so no one will push you off the colorful platforms. Team up with your comrades to make traps for your competitors. Block their way so that they decide to go the other way. It will be a surprise to them that there is a chasm there. If you cope with all the challenges, then you will get a new chance!

After that, everyone will be able to compete in the battle royal for the main prize! In this game you can customize the appearance of your character. Unlock new skins to make him unique. Stand out from the crowd like the leaders do! Visit different cool locations with all the seasons! In addition, players will laugh from the characters’ funny falls. There are many kinds of them here, but better to observe than to do! Enjoy the atmosphere!