Platform Games

Platform games give you the adrenaline of the sapper on a minefield and make you think out each of your moves. In addition, they can easily be combined with other epic genres such as shooters, puzzles, rogue-like quests.

A platform level is a multipurpose carcass that kicks all ideas up a notch. They transmit the tension of the moment and focus you on the current task.

Play Parkour Like a Pro!

A score game is the classic of the genre. Jump as high or as long as possible and leave your mark on the leaderboard. Overpassing results around the globe is a continuous activity you can repeat every day without getting bored. The spirit of challenge keeps you involved, and customization is what makes the game truly yours.

But jumping for leadership is not on everyone’s wish list. Thankfully, platform levels and storylines are best friends forever, and each time feels different depending on what is on the agenda. Whether it is a time to cry or kick someone’s butt, sky blocks won’t let you lose the emotion, preparing you for game difficulties ahead.

Pitfalls, slippery mountains, crocodile rivers are the most interesting part of any game. They put you in the character’s place and let you experience an adventure barely a few can share in reality. You climb a high wall, swing and leap from a rope to reach the opposite shore, and throw enemies off the cliff before they push you. And each time, you’re growing in speed and determination!

Continue Your Chase in 2022

The Platformer genre never gets old. Mario, Sonic, Super Meat Boy are only a drop in the sea of overwhelmingly popular retro creations to this day. New tales enlarge the army, and, as a result, you’re welcome to come and pick the app that fits your style perfectly.

Enjoy famous titles for android and for PC on this site. Where will the hanging blocks take you?