Stickman Games

Here are the best games about a famous character. Everyone knows that he loves to get involved in strange and awkward situations. In addition, he has a real talent for fighting. Today, players will be able to find their favorite entertainment and have a great time! Immerse yourself in the excellent atmosphere and enjoy it!

Adrenaline and extreme!

Stickman is always ready for new adventures, no matter what they are. Basically, the guy visits the locations where the battles take place. There may be one or more enemies on the field over which he must defeat. Players must be agile and strike directly at targets. Be vigilant and always be on the alert because the opponents are very cunning! Use the arms, legs and even the head of the hero to deal powerful damage!

Do not forget to constantly train to become more powerful and stronger. Unlock new abilities and learn cool tricks. Sometimes you can combine them and get secret combinations. The rules are the same for everyone, but sometimes participants learn new methods on their own. Despite the physique of the main character, he is very mobile in all games. What would you like to do while you have some idle time?

Lots of roles you can take on!

The hero can not only take part in battles, but also in other types of activities. In war, he can assemble his own army of the best fighters. You must achieve excellent results in order to take first place in the leaderboard. In addition, Stickman knows how to drive vehicles. Whether it’s a truck or a sports car, just start moving! Do you want to arrange races with your comrades? Get rewards for achievements and expand your collections!

There are also games where you can showcase your hidden talents. For example, if you can draw, you can create a unique character. Draw a few lines, and then depict weapons and other items. After that, go to the location and complete the tasks! Ride the life buoys and try to outrun your opponents! Jump on colored platforms and get to the finish line before the rest! Don’t forget to collect coins or more!

In Stickman challenges, players can take part alone. But if you want to have fun with your comrades, then choose the appropriate mode. Here you can laugh or feel the tension! What suits you best? Try your hand at simple but interesting rules! And also enjoy the atmosphere, graphics and musical accompaniment! Decide which genre drives you crazy and start the process! All in your hands!