Plants vs Zombies Games

Who does not like games which are based on the living dead invasion? All of us are fond of the atmosphere where the main characters need to save their lives making their way through crowds of creatures, who were probably their relatives, friends or beloved ones. But all this is the matter of high psychological questions and difficult moral decisions. But this game is far from all this. Here all you need to do is to defend your place from the invasion, but what can you offer? You’re just a farmer!

What made PvZ extremely popular

The main weapon in the games of Plants vs Zombies series is flora of all different sorts. But they are created so well that you feel them like full-bodied guns. The main raizin lies in the fact that every flower and green sprout has its strategic and tactic function. So when you play you can use them and know that they will perform what they were designed for. Another fact is that every antagonist that comes to your territory is of a particular type. And as there are many types of protection ‘weapons’ like Sunflower or Peashooter, which are the most basic, there are walking dead of different strength. And so, to kill some usual creature you need not so many resources then for some Gargantuar.


The Plants vs Zombies games are of this type, so you need to pass the levels, overcome all the difficulties, but there’s a huge potential to vary anything you want. And of course there are numerous mods and modes for you to pass. One of them is Survival endless. Dozens of enemies attack you in waves and you need to build your game strategy so that they can destroy your defence with the least success possible.

So to have your enjoyment moments you just need to start from the basic original version, if you have never tried it before, and then choose anything you want. Believe, Plants vs Zombies is worth your time!