Farming Games

It’s always cool to visit your grandparents in the village. Everyone knows at least something about the garden. Growing food is not so easy and today you can see for yourself! In this category, players will visit beautiful locations with picturesque views. Here they will receive various tasks that will surprise and make them enjoy it. Hurry up, go there and smell the fresh air!


Here are the best games in which players can take part in village life. Each of them is filled with vibrant graphics that convey delightful emotions. Forget about reality and start the process! Go to the area where in front of you there will be a field with beds. You need to plant vegetables or grains there and then wait for them to grow. Don’t forget that they need to be looked after, so water it and fertilize it!

Once the harvest is ripe, fans can harvest it and take it to the market. There is an opportunity there to sell to customers and make some money. Complete custom orders that will bring you more points and coins! Over time, participants will discover new types of plants, trees, bushes and more. In addition, you can build a factory and produce food while you are farming!

Chickens lay eggs, cows give milk, pigs give meat! If you feed them food on time, they will do it more often. In order to make baked goods or other dishes, you will mix animal products. Build a building where ketchup, mayonnaise, clothes, etc. will be made! The villagers will pay large sums for this, and you will be able to improve the territory even more. The game will have many additions that will motivate you to move on.

Other challenges!

Players can also enjoy other tasks while farming! For example, you can go to a field where there are too many crops. Players will have to help the owners collect all the products. To do this, connect three or more identical vegetables! They will fall into the basket, thereby filling the scale below.

There are also games in which you will try to become the richest person! To do this, visit a small area with one chicken and grow your business. This can be done even when you have left the application. The process is automatic and all you have to do is just follow and enjoy!

What about getting behind the wheel of a huge tractor or combine? Local residents are used to this kind of work, but it will be difficult for newcomers. Let’s try farming in this unusual atmosphere! Fans will also be able to find other entertainment!