Chess Games

If you still think that chess is boring, then we hasten to please you! This category contains the best challenges that will bring joy to everyone. Here you can not only have fun with friends or alone, but also get benefits. This is calculated on the fact that you will use your mental abilities and other skills. Try your hand here and be amazed!

Lots of varieties!

Here, players will find a game that will make them crazy for the rest of their lives. Each of them is unique and has a special characteristic. For example, you can try the classic version. Do it with a bot controlled by artificial intelligence. You can choose the difficulty by correctly interpreting your skills. Participants can start at the beginner level if they have just started to get familiar with the rules. Here you will find instructions and tips that will greatly facilitate the task.

If you consider yourself a chess master, then choose the professional mode. In this case, players will have to make every effort to win the rounds. Think over every step you take in order to get the perfect result. It is also recommended to come up with a strategy that will lead to success. Get cool rewards, points and prizes for reaching your goals. Some of the challenges will be with limited time or moves. For this reason, you need to properly prioritize and manage opportunities.

Immerse yourself in different worlds!

In addition to the usual original versions of the game, you can try something new. Invite a friend to spend time together and find out which of you is smarter. You can discuss your actions directly on the service or in another program. This is a great way to have some fun while you develop your brains.

If you are tired of monotony, then choose one of the universes. Participants will be able to move to the field, where they will control living characters. Find your favorite characters from movies, cartoons, TV shows and more! Move them in the correct order without violating the basic rules. Trap your opponents on a special board and get points! Chess is a way to become an erudite!

Here, players will have to be dexterous, quick-witted and quickly respond to situations. Each game is unique and even has its own plot. Participants must correctly move elephants, horses, horses and other figures. The future of your process and the desired victory depend on this. Become a master at this and conquer the top of the leaderboard! Good luck!