GTA Games

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of crime? GTA will provide such an opportunity to everyone. Here players will have to go to the city, which is filled with criminals. Being in such a place is very hard, but interesting. Feel yourself as one of the gang that can solve all problems. This is a fascinating simulator where you will encounter different events!

A fascinating plot!

This game has a meaningful plot that teaches many lessons. The main character is constantly getting into trouble. The player will not only observe his life, but also take part in it. Visit with him a huge metropolis where chaos is happening.

The guy has gotten himself into trouble and is now looking for ways to deal with it. It’s up to you to solve some cases and make decisions for him. There are no limits here, so the participant can use their imagination. Remember that you have a great responsibility!


To survive in the GTA you have to do missions. This is due to the fact that you are in the team of an important person. It is the Mafia and it has the right to give any instructions. The player will have to sneak into houses, steal cars and even kill. This has to be done thoughtfully so as not to screw up.

After each crime the police will chase you. Run and hide to avoid going to jail. If you don’t have enough time and resources, you can postpone the boss request. But you have to do it to get the money. Without it you will not be able to exist in this game. In addition, sometimes you will have to pay liens or ransoms.

Danger at every step!

When you get the next mission, be prepared for the worst. There may be uniformed men waiting for you outside your assigned location. Be very careful in the GTA, because everything here is always unpredictable. It looks like real life, so you can’t even guess what will happen next. Improve your abilities as well as your weapons. Buy new ones so that you don’t have to deal with any issues. Give back what belongs to you аnd make them fear you!

Also in the game players will be able to make new acquaintances. Just be careful not to trust everyone at once. Some of the characters can set you up and put you behind bars. Do not let them rejoice in such a chance! There are many different places to visit on the map. Explore all the locations to improve your knowledge and more. The whole process will give you unforgettable emotions! Dive into the story of the hero and find out why he came to such a life!