Horror Games

What does fear mean in a human’s life? Usually we dislike situations that scare us, we try to avoid them, but why then horror games exist?

Everything begins with the hormones that influence our brain. We dislike that feeling for the first time, but adrenalin, which secrets in our blood, provokes some kind of addiction. That’s why we need to feel something scary or heating to make adrenalin secret again and again.

All the further process of creating a game is about people’s taste. Some like the atmosphere and music, others like screamers and jumpscares, the third ones prefer slasher with horror entourage. Moreover, numerous genres depend also on topics – the key element of what’s creepy. Thus, such categories as “clowns”, “zombies”, “dolls”, “abandoned asylum” etc. appeared.

The most popular genre for the moment is survival horror. Games of this genre unify all the elements of gameplay that make us feel uncomfortable. There are usually throngs of monsters, and a number of bosses of different strength you need to defeat to escape a place you’ve been locked in or sent to. Usually, mentioned elements are accompanied with riddles and brain-teasers, which adds to the complexity of the game. It makes us feel even more stressed if we meet a riddle while being in pursuit.

If talking about other types, you can find many visual novels and platformers that terrify you with the atmosphere and other elements. In such games the emphasis is on the creation of characters, the storyline and variations of endings, the atmosphere, even the specific graphics, as there’s no shooting or slashing gameplay, as well as no jumpscares usually.

So have your pleasure to choose anything you like, start your play and be confident – there’s no way you can get out of it that easily…