Alphabet Lore Games

Welcome to Alphabet Lore! Here players can relax and take a break from bad emotions. Despite the fact that the main character rules evil, you can have fun. Visit the magical world of letters and learn a fascinating story. Everyone will be able to find out about their hidden talents and be surprised by them! The plot will take you through different events. Just trust your inner voice!

Time for conflict!

This game has bright graphics and you will definitely not want to leave early. Every second the turn of events will heat up and it seems that the denouement is coming soon. We are sure that you will reach the end with great pleasure. You may even be upset when you realize that this is the final. The territory on which the action will take place is full of surprises. Immerse yourself in this atmosphere and be the first to know the ending!

The main character of Alphabet Lore is very evil. His goal is to quarrel all the letters among themselves. But the guys think that they can deceive him and defend themselves. The player will have to take one of the sides and go through this cool challenge. Each event will tell a new story. In this way, you will get to know each of the letters and become a witness to situations that will completely change the plot!

Miracle exists!

There are many hidden messages in the game. Only after the participant thinks he will unravel all the secrets. Letter F is desperately trying to wreak havoc on the kingdom. Will he succeed or will good letters still find a way out? F is constantly looking for profit and thus harms the environment. For example, once he caught the unfortunate letter K and made wings out of it.

With this character it was much easier to move around. But do not forget that some letters have stones that give them super abilities. That’s the reason K’s friends rescued him. Other than that, there are other wicked things going on here! If one of the letters had time to tell her vision after she ate a question mark… It’s a pity that she didn’t have time and now the heroes have to face a real danger.

The game will be interesting for any age. A simple but rather interesting plot will not let you go for a minute! Be careful not to miss even a small part of the challenge. Everything is connected here and every turn is of great importance. Solve puzzles and travel to wonderful places! Perhaps your decision will change the future! Watch and do in Alphabet Lore and also get the emotions you have ever had!