Fancade Games

This category is dedicated to everyone who loves puzzles! Fancade is a series of challenges where players must demonstrate their logic skills. The initial levels seem simple, but then the tin begins! This process will force everyone to plan their actions in advance and be extremely careful. Try to relax and have fun! Sometimes it will seem that there is no right solution, but this is an erroneous opinion!

Fascinating plot!

Each game is full of bright colors, and also attracts attention from the first seconds. Someone calls these processes a black hole because of the similarity. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop for at least a few hours. This is a real trap, because everyone wants to get even more positive results. After each mission, participants will be able to track their points and rewards for success! This is great motivation to move on!

Fancade fans will fall into the square universe every time, but have different tasks. Often everything here is based on construction, colors and blocks. For example, you can visit a location where you need to help a character get from one coast to another. To do this, collect the necessary items and build a bridge. But you also need to choose the right place so as not to fall into the lake.

Test your logic and reaction!

All challenges in this series will pump everyone’s brains. For this reason, players will be able to not only enjoy, but also benefit. Develop different skills, abilities, and discover new ones! Going to these locations, you can be sure that you will leave here in a good mood! Bright colors in games will charge you with positivity and comfort, so don’t stop!

You can break colorful blocks with the help of other geometric shapes. Find a solution how to do it right without too much damage! Also, participants will be able to draw a rectangle to the exit from the labyrinth. Push other objects apart to clear the way and become master in Fancade! It will be very exciting and interesting, so don’t be afraid it won’t work!

In addition, fans will be able to meet bizarre dinosaurs that are inseparable! Collect items along the way and open the door to get to the next location! Or help the adorable hero paint the whole board yellow! Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes in the game. This will help you come up with the right options that will bring success in the end! Enjoy the atmosphere of each challenge and be confident in your abilities!