Goat Simulator Games

Perhaps someone had a dream to feel like an animal? In this game, players have that opportunity. It’s a sin not to take advantage of it! Immerse yourself in this beautiful atmosphere, where life will shine in completely different colors! Here, everyone will feel the freedom and carefree, which will reveal new talents. Hurry up and start the process to find out what tasks await you here!

What do you want to do?

In Goat Simulator, participants can relax and do all the things they have long wanted to do. It’s a challenge without much of a storyline, so you’re free to make up your own. The main goal here is to destroy everything on the way.

Simple controls allow you to easily move around the map. Explore all the places to wreak havoc there! All locations are completely unique, and the graphics will delight your eyes! Visit other people’s houses, parks, highways, shopping malls and more!

There are no rules in the game, so it’s just impossible to break anything here! The developers have done everything for the users to have fun for five years to come. The idea can even be called silly, but it can calm your nerves.

In addition, you can use different tricks that will bring even more destruction. Each time you discover new abilities or skills that you didn’t know before. By pressing random control buttons, players can learn a new way to have fun. Experiment to get the perfect results!

Destroy everything!

In Goat Simulator, players will set out to explore a huge map. It’s very much like reality, so you might even forget that it’s not. Explore the entire area to find the perfect place to go crazy! Try to go crazy and do the most unusual things! Beat it with your hooves, horns and even your tail! In addition, you can add action and do incredible stunts.

Do somersaults and land right on the car next to you! Destroy everything with style and taste using different ways and options. Don’t forget that players can also customize their animal in the game. Change its appearance to get the desired result. Show imagination and creativity to make the creature unique and recognizable.

Get points for cool tricks and small victories and show off to your friends! You can also go out on the streets and team up with them. Scare all the residents with your madness and make them run away from you! If you think there’s something impossible here, you’re wrong. Check it out and realize that everyone in Goat Simulator is capable of anything!