Cuphead Games

If your evening was not a success and there is a lot of free time, then welcome! Here are the best games about a famous guy with a cup instead of a head. Players are waiting for unforgettable adventures that will leave a pleasant mark for a lifetime! Go to locations that are full of goodness and positive. It has colorful graphics and great music! Let’s take a closer look at the Cuphead challenges!

Every day, a new life!

The main character loves to get into awkward situations. No matter what anyone says, he’s crazy about it. He has friends with whom he often spends time. In this collection, players will be able to find the game they have long dreamed of. You can’t even imagine what awaits you here! Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that is unlikely to be forgotten! The guy loves to solve puzzles, reveal secrets and fight monsters. Move to an island, a dungeon, or a completely unknown world.

Prepare for the fact that it can be dangerous here. Some villagers or monsters don’t welcome guests. Be dexterous to cope with difficult missions and stay safe and sound. In addition, you have to look for the necessary items to pass to the next level. Without them, the path is limited, so don’t delay! Without weapons, it will also be difficult, so pick it up and upgrade it. Sometimes you will need to take a couple of shots at enemies. Defeat powerful bosses and unlock new abilities in Cuphead!

More fun together!

Players can invite friends to team up. This will allow you to complete missions faster and also add interest. Choose your favorite heroes and start the process. In addition, the guy also likes to make new acquaintances. One day he decided to take part in a rap battle.

Will he be able to defeat Boyfriend? They forgot to say that during the musical battle Cuphead’s body was captured by a demon. Perhaps because of this, he became more insidious and powerful. He has new opportunities that can lead him to victory.

Take the stage with the king of rap and find out who is the leader here! Don’t forget that he also brought his friends from the same universe where he grew up. Players will also have to visit the mysterious island with them. But always be on the alert! There are evil monsters that are ready to attack you.

You need to complete all the missions before you fall into the trap. But if you are smart and react quickly, you can get away with it. Do not lose hope and go to the logical end in each of these games! Enjoy!