Siren Head Games

Siren Head will envelop everyone who stays here with fear and tension! This is a horror that will tell about a creepy creature that can be anywhere. Here, players will be able to visit different locations and learn the story about each of the characters. If you consider yourself a pro, then try this to see if you are. A huge number of screamers will be able to make your body covered with goosebumps!

Creepy monster to hunt!

The main plot of the game tells about a guy who went on a trip. It was night outside, and he was driving in an unfamiliar place. Suddenly his car broke down and he had to stop for a while. As in the most terrible stories, it all happened in the forest. There is a very dark atmosphere here, and there are no other people.

Now the players have to fix their vehicles in order to continue their journey. But whether it will work or not, you will find out during the process! The strange presence of otherworldly forces makes you look around.Here, participants will learn about the existence of a creepy monster. It looks like a man of huge growth and without a face.

They call it Siren Head and no one knows exactly what this creature is capable of! You have to be very careful to be able to explore the area and find the necessary parts to fix the car. Keep turning around to make sure no one is around. The enemy can appear at any moment, especially at the most inopportune. You can become witnesses of unpleasant situations, but do not show that something is going wrong!

See it wherever you can!

Players will be able to visit different locations and test their strength. Each of the games is unique and will have its own plot that will surprise you. One day you can try yourself in the role of a woman whose husband was kidnapped. They rested together in the camp but he suddenly disappeared.

You can also be in a house with the usual fittings. But suddenly the players will feel that there is someone else here. Of course, you can’t avoid Siren Head! You must collect clues and other items that will make the mission easier. Will you be able to survive? In these challenges you need to act quickly and confidently!

Do not fall into the trap otherwise there will be no way out! In these games, there are simple controls, so there will be no difficulties. Move to all available places and be vigilant! Think of a way to avoid punishment! React quickly to stressful situations and then you may be able to save the life of the main character!