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Siren Head

How much do you know about what’s going on in the universe of your nightmares? A human’s fantasy can suppose what could be the most frightening things ever. Such a thing is our main antagonist here.

The terrible creature of enormous size with two sirens on it’s shoulders would definitely give you shivers (or make you faint) if you’d met it in real life. But fortunately, we have it in games only. It controls and senses all the acoustical spectrums, and for some of them it has a fast reaction. So it’s better for you not to make any needless sounds, as you have nothing except the light in your hands. But you can always use your inventiveness and make it follow the wrong sound trace.

As your main task is to get out of a place where you’ve found yourself, you’ll need to walk around the place, explore and remember things. Don’t think the danger has passed if you managed to avoid meeting with the main monster – others are present and looking for you too…