Scary Teacher 3D Games

Everyone at school has had that terrible teacher who only shouts at students and even doesn’t care about the lessons and rules. What can you do? Take a revenge! Scary Teacher 3D games are the greatest opportunity to take a revenge and let off steam.

What will you go through when you play Scary Teacher 3D?

You figure out that the woman who gives you so many hardships lives in your neighborhood. A bright idea comes to your mind and from that moment the game becomes really exciting when you approach her house. You will explore frightening corridors and halls, dark mysterious rooms that make your knees tremble. Special spooky sound effects allow you to feel this atmosphere much deeper.

How to play?

Create funny tricks and pranks to make that woman mad. All levels are connected with some special events in the life of the instructor such as birthday, Halloween or New Year.

In Scary Teacher 3D you are going to have fifteen rooms to show the maximum of your creativity. Collect different items, match them together to invent some hilarious pranks and make the game look even funnier. Pay your attention to the notes that are placed all around the house. They will provide you with helpful tips, however some of them are traps that may be scary to death.

To beat your master you need to drive her crazy. Add some salt to her coffee or change chocolate easter eggs to the chicken’s. Locate various trapps all around the house.

But, please, be careful! In this mode your rival can hear you and attack from the back. You will be provided with a special camera. However, it doesn’t make the game easier. As she can appear at the moments you will never expect. Don’t let her catch you, otherwise you’ll need to start all over again. Run away and hide as soon as you hear her moves.

Enjoy this game and chill out after a stressful class.