Mario Games

Ask your parents if they know Mario? We are sure that the answer will be positive. This character has become popular for a very long time. Until now, there is talk about him, and challenges are being created.

This hero is from the mushroom kingdom and is considered to be his plumber. His life is filled with bright colors and positive emotions. He constantly travels and learns about new places. Go with him in search of fun!

Unique stories!

Here are collected a huge number of games that are dedicated to our character. He went through a lot to be where he was for the last time. Immerse yourself in his life and take part in each mission! Find out what he is capable of with his kind nature! Each of his adventures brings positive emotions! Even if it’s horror, the guy does not give up and does not despair!

Mario loves when a new goal appears in front of him and is always in a hurry to complete it. Here, players will be able to experience first hand everything that others are talking about. Visit different places where you haven’t been before. And also be sure that this is a novelty, because there can be no other option. The guy explored many locations, but he doesn’t mind being there again with you!

A world where everything is possible!

Mario can take on any role and you will see for yourself. He can run through mountains, build houses, race and more. Understand what you are interested in and where it will be more comfortable! Invite your friends to have fun together and start the process. Multiplayer mode can allow much more than when you are alone. Test your reflexes and discover hidden talents.

Here it is important to be attentive and dexterous in order to complete missions one after another! For example, up to 4 players can participate in one of the games. Control a plumber and his friends to find out the ending of the story! You can also get behind the wheel of a sports car and see how fast you are. Management will always be simple, so difficulties will not appear.

Do not forget that in some worlds there are enemies. They wish the guy only bad things and will constantly interfere with him. In these games you have to be brave and strong. Fight enemies and defeat them. The universe must be cleansed of all evil!

Try to solve the riddles of the disappearance of the guy’s comrades! Use logic, deduction and intuition to get answers to your questions! Spend time usefully improving your abilities in all areas!