Head Ball Games

Sports are good and everyone knows it. But over time, a banal art form gets boring and you want something new. In these games you’ll find what you’ve been looking for! Here ordinary soccer or basketball will become an integral part of your life! Relax and have fun while you’re here! Cool graphics, funny characters and perfect stunts will help everyone forget about what was before!

The main task!

In Head Ball, players will have to fight for the title of winner. It will not be an easy battle and so they have to make an effort. Each round will offer several options. Two participants will take part in the contest at the same time. The mission of each one is to hit the round attribute in the goal. Whoever does it the most times will get the super prize.

Each match will last a short time, about 90 seconds. But during this time you can get a portion of adrenaline. Try to hold out until the end and get a large number of points. Controls in the game are very simple, as there are only 3 buttons. But with their help competitors can do a lot. Take a leap, hit hard and confuse your enemies!

Features that will surprise you!

Players will have to score goals not with their feet or hands, but with their forehead. It seems strange, but just check that it’s cool! Advance up the career ladder to become the best at what you do. There are 5 different leagues where everyone will find a calling. In addition, there are 18 superpowers in Head Ball that you can upgrade. Use them when you need extra help. They will perfectly cope with their purpose and will not allow the opponent to enjoy your loss.

Be cunning and do double strokes to confuse him! This will bring you more bonuses and points. With their help in the game you can buy new skins. Customize your character in any way you want to make him unique! There are also ready images of about 125 heroes. You can even find ones that look like famous soccer or basketball players. Control them and get extra motivation to do the unbelievable in tournaments!

Unlock new accessories that will add cool emotions! Customize their appearance the way you want and don’t be shy. There are no limits in Head Ball, so you can get high! Thanks to the multiplayer mode, everyone can invite a friend. In this case you will find out which of you is nimbler and faster! Fight with him in exciting matches and charge a positive mood for the whole day! Unleash your full potential and don’t be afraid of being judged by others!