Tekken Games

Tekken is a process in which players will engage in brutal battles. The history of this is very interesting, so quickly dive into the process. Will you be able to defeat all opponents and take the main title of the world? Develop your talents and abilities to be the first and only survivor here! This causes tension, but it is precisely this that will help you move beyond ordinary life. Show your best side!

All or nothing!

The plot of the game is that the final of the most famous tournament will soon take place. A huge number of fighters took part in it. But there were only eight left, which were in all corners of our planet. After numerous victories, they will have to return to this territory and fight each other. Players will have to choose one of them and lead him to good results.

The creator of this idea calls the title “King of the Iron Fist”. This means that only the bravest, strongest and most dexterous will be able to appropriate it for themselves. In addition, there will be another prize in the form of a huge amount of money. It is not known what anyone needs, but we know why we will exhale our last air! In Tekken, every hero has a reason why not here.

Take revenge!

Demons, monsters who killed the mother, hated fathers and so on. They all have to die, so don’t delay and act! These challenges have unique rules and controls. If you think that this will be an ordinary fighting game, then it is not. As you might be used to, there are two buttons for striking – weak and strong. But here there are a lot for each of the hero’s limbs.

Before choosing a character in Tekken, check out their bio. This is very important, because the entire next plot will be based on this. Carefully monitor events to understand what actions to choose in the future. This process combines several genres at once, so it will surprise everyone! Earn bonuses to unlock new abilities that will help you on the battlefield!

Mods and versions!

From time to time new parts of the game are released from the developers. For this reason, true fans will be able to enjoy new stories and confrontations. All characters are interconnected and players will be able to learn interesting facts during the process. All fights take place in outdoor arenas, which adds a cool atmosphere. You will also be able to notice unique melodies that will be associated with individual characters or opponents. This has a great effect on morale and makes you not stop at the results achieved!