Sakura School Simulator Games

Sakura School Simulator will allow players to plunge into an amazing atmosphere! Here you will take the role of a character who is studying in college. Every day can be unique and with different situations if you want. Choose what to do and go to the locations! Find out what it’s like to feel anger, joy, tension, fun and learn to manage them. This is a wonderful experience where the future depends on everyone and only you decide what it will be!

Leave your home!

All the fun begins from the moment you leave your native walls. But first, let’s create a character! The game gives you the choice of who you will manage – a boy or a girl. After that, customize its image using various tools. Make sure the hair, facial features and makeup are done correctly and move on to the next step. Choose the perfect image that will emphasize the uniqueness of the hero. Once everything is done, a new story awaits you!

Every morning the character wakes up and has the opportunity to visit the wardrobe. If everything is in order, then go outside and move to create chaos. Players have the chance to decide where they go. But first you need to decide who you will be today in the Sakura School Simulator! There is an option to become an ordinary unremarkable student and attend the lessons. Or try something more absorbing, like becoming a lawbreaker.

Fights or friendship?

As you can understand, players can spend several hours here in a row. It’s really addictive because the game never gets boring. Wherever you go, there will be situations that will surprise everyone! While you are out for a walk, you can get to know other characters. How to communicate with them is your right, so go for it! Make friends with them and visit each other. Share information, visit cool locations and much more!

Using the buttons on the screen, you can perform various actions. Make attacks on those who you do not like and even annoy! It’s impossible to kill anyone here! The maximum is to send the enemy to sleep for the rest of the day in Sakura School Simulator. But in this way you can get ill-wishers who will want to take revenge during the further process.

You can visit the wardrobe at any second, just remember it! The game has no restrictions, rules and clear tasks. Use the image and imagination to do what you have long dreamed of! What strange event do you think awaits you here? Go explore the city and visit the places you prefer! Enjoy this atmosphere!