The Backrooms Games

The Backrooms is a horror that is psychological in nature. Here, players will face their biggest fears and try not to go along with them. Go to the building where the atmosphere is too creepy and spend some time here. It will be an unforgettable experience that will make everyone nervous and look for the right solutions so as not to die.

Labyrinth of fear!

According to the plot of the game, you will control a hero who has to go in search of a girl. Perhaps he has other goals, but the players will witness this. As soon as you enter the territory, you will immediately feel how goosebumps overcame your body! The building has many rooms that keep many secrets. They all need to be learned, but doing this will not be as easy as it might seem.

Anything can be behind every door! Do not forget that there are monsters that hunt you. They are cunning and have prepared many traps from which it is impossible to get out. For this reason, The Backrooms fans have to be very nimble and quick to react. Make decisions that will have a huge impact on the future and do not slow down. It is better not to stand in one place for a long time, otherwise trouble will happen.

Also in the game you have to collect items and solve puzzles. They require attention and a special approach, so think outside the box. If you successfully do this, you will move further along the location. Thus, everyone will reach the logical end and find out the whole truth! Don’t forget to use a video camera to capture paranormal activity. It will be evidence that will fall into the hands of others.

Difficulty levels!

If you’re new to The Backrooms, then it’s worth starting with the simplest process. Here, creepy creatures will deal minimal damage, and you will have more stamina. Also, the time to search for a door to resurrect will be unlimited. Medium difficulty will allow users to use 10 lives. The most difficult one will make you tense up and test all your abilities and reactions. Try all the modes to choose where you feel most comfortable!

Use jelly to get incredible strength for 2 minutes! Water with almonds will help restore health to more than half of the indicator. If the screen becomes too blurry, then this can be corrected with sedative pills. The game has many locations with different atmospheres and appearances. Gather clues that will be useful in the next stages! There will be a lot of unexpected events in this challenge, so get ready!