Sims 4 Games

In Sims 4, everyone will be able to create their own perfect life. It’s a world where you make your own rules and can break them. Use your imagination to make your dream kart or follow in the footsteps of your relatives. Beautiful graphics that resemble reality will make the process even more interesting. Personal life, friendships, quarrels and problems are all here and right now!

A variety of characters!

This game will start with the fact that you will take care of editing the main character. It is with him that the player will enter a new city. Here you have access to all the parameters, which can be changed several times. Reproduce the appearance of a celebrity, a person from a book, friends or yourself.

You can use the tools to customize the eyes, mouth, hair, which will completely match the idea. Next, the player can create a unique clothing style and add accessories! Don’t forget to add moles, freckles or anything else characteristic of the chosen persona. Also, in Sims 4 participants can gift the character with character traits.

Dream House!

Now that you’re done creating personality, welcome to the streets of your hometown! It’s time to build a mansion where the best moments will take place. Feel like a designer and come up with a cool plan for the renovation. Put in furniture, change the landscaping, and install a pool, home theater, billiards, and more.

Make your neighbors jealous and compliment your creativity! In addition, players can constantly change the design of the rooms. At any moment, make a rearrangement that is pleasing to the eye! The game also allows you to make hidden rooms or basements. Experiment and learn about new possibilities!

Reasons to have fun!

The Sims 4 has a huge map to explore. Visit different places where other characters walk. You can make acquaintances with them and build relationships. It can be an ordinary friendship, where you’ll walk through the parks and alleys. But other than that, players can find a soul mate and even get married. The player always has a choice of what to do.

Above the hero’s head there are icons with actions. Click on what seems right at the time and don’t be afraid to screw something up. There are dozens of buildings in the game where you can rest. Restaurants where you can dance or sing or stores full of fashionable clothes. Hobby clubs also welcome new guests! Here everyone will find what he lacked in reality!