Clash of Clans Games

If you love adrenaline and want to show your leadership qualities, then welcome! Clash of Clans is a strategy where players will fight. This is a rather unusual process, so be prepared for the unexpected. The challenge is much more interesting than the usual ones, and you will soon see this. The rules are relatively simple, but you’ll have to get used to it.

Build a village!

In total, participants will be able to visit 2 maps in the game. They are absolutely different and ideas also have features. On the first one you will be engaged in the expansion of the territory. The local population will live there, who will also be warriors. They will go on the attack and receive rewards and bonuses. For this reason, players should take this challenge seriously.

In order to develop the area, you need to rob other people’s locations. Attack enemies and get the necessary resources in order to create an ingenious defense. This must be done wisely and invest only in the right things. The townspeople will work for you, so don’t forget to pay them. Join different divisions!

Do your best to improve the city and motivate the characters to new victories! In Clash of Clans, you can build structures that will bring you closer to success. Use a variety of items and tools to complete your goals! In the second arena, the fights themselves will take place. Create an amazing plan to become a winner and return home with new prizes!

Opponents do not sleep!

Any time you decide to fight, the enemies will be ready. But before starting the main process, you better practice. Choose a mode with artificial intelligence and enter the battlefield. The computer isn’t as dumb as you might think, so don’t get complacent with the game! Destroy other people’s settlements and spare no one!

After the players hone their skills, they can start battles with real players. It won’t be easy either, so always be on the lookout! Use a clear plan and sometimes intuition to do the right thing. Monsters won’t just give up in Clash of Clans, so make an effort! At any moment, your village can be attacked. Take care of protection!

Opponents may suddenly look into your territory! It is better to play it safe and prepare as much as possible for this. Strong walls and watchtowers will greatly stop the enemy’s fervor and make them slow down. Recruit troops, level up and more to become a master of the game! Take part in the endless mode and last as long as possible!